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Large Natural Bolga Market Basket with Tan Leather Handle


Use this large sturdy basket as your plastic or paper bag alternative at the grocery store and farmer's market. Store it in your car or leave it by the front door so you're reminded to grab it on the way out. This Bolga Basket is handwoven in Ghana from Elephant Grasses in minimal solid natural color with a luxe leather handle. 

Create an aesthetic corner that organizes clutter naturally. Gain more flexibility while keeping tidy with different basket sizes, and shapes, with soothing natural textures, and fibers.

What you can store in your basket:
Pet toys
Kids toys
Toilet paper
Yoga mats

  • Crafted by fair trade artisans in Ghana
  • Approximately 15" diameter x 15" tall
  • Each basket is handcrafted and slightly different in size and shape