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Ceramic Candlestick


There's nothing like the cozy glow of a taper candle, especially on the dining table. These stoneware ceramic candlesticks are for use with standard-size taper candles (7/8"). The beeswax tapers from Cave Glow fit perfectly. White speckle glaze. Made by Tellefsen Atelier a small batch, wheel-thrown ceramic line produced in Middletown, New York.

  • 3.75" diameter x 2" tall with a 1" opening
  • Handmade white speckle glaze
  • Stoneware ceramic
  • Sold individually
  • Made in New York

It is best not to let your candle burn all the way down into the hole. This makes them difficult to clean. The best way to remove wax from the depths of the well is to submerge the candlestick in very hot water. This releases the wax which will float to the top of the water and harden as it cools. Then you can just skim off the dried wax and wipe the candlesticks clean.