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Gestures Love Aromatic Mist


You're invited to reconnect with yourself and nature. This aromatic mist, made of hand-curated essential oil blends, is a refreshing scent experience for your body and environment. Each blend is connected to an affirmation, a chakra, and a gesture. The aromatic profile of Love is sweet, floral, inviting, warm.

chakra: Anahata (heart) located at the heart. Color: green
affirmation: I am radiant, loving, open 
directions: Please shake before use. Begin by bringing awareness to your breath. Spritz your mist around your face, shoulders, and personal space. As you breathe in your aromatic mist, you may repeat the affirmation on your bottle or integrate your breathing with the corresponding gesture.
gesture: Breathe deeply into your heart center. Picture a steady stream of love filling your heart and extending into your entire body. Send this love to friends and family and onward to all beings. Bathe the entire planet with your love and compassion. 

  • Handmade paper labels, hand-dyed pouches
  • 3.4oz/100ml frosted glass bottle
  • Made in Saugerties NY
  • Ingredients: Distilled water, all natural distilled witch hazel, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, vegetable glycerin, grapefruit seed extract, organic lavandula angustifolia, organic cupressus, organic pelargonium, organic matricaria chamomilla, rosa
  • *Do not ingest. Do not use when pregnant. Take caution with young children and elderly as they can be more sensitive to essential oils.