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Silo Modern Bird Feeder

Silo Modern Bird Feeder

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A bird feeder for the modern yard. Made from 100% recycled plastic.

Helsinki-based bird enthusiasts Mika & Julie Tolvanen designed Bird Silo, the debut product for Pidät. They studied the eating habits of birds for several years by feeding them from prototypes at their dining room window (while eating their own breakfast). It is designed to function like a grain silo. You lift the top cone, pour in sunflower seeds or peanuts, and the feeder fills from the bottom up.

PLEASE NOTE: These are made from recycled plastic and squirrels will chew on them. If you’ve had squirrels bother your feeders, this may not be the feeder for you. We cannot offer refunds or replacements for squirrel damage.

Which birds will visit? Bird Silo is a specialty feeder designed to feed birds who like to cling vertically while eating. These birds have a specific diet. Common diners include Chickadees, Blue Tits, Titmice, Nuthatches, Finches, & Woodpeckers.

Menu. SUNFLOWER SEEDS or PEANUTS. We suggest serving sunflower seeds with the shell still on. especially in rainy or humid weather, as this protects the sunflower hearts from moisture.

Please note: Millet & other grains common in some store bought mixes are not recommended for Bird Silo because the clinging songbirds that visit this type of feeder do not eat millet. These grains will remain in the feeder, uneaten, and can collect moisture.

Feeder care and bird hygiene. Hand wash Bird Silo with soap and warm water and replace food often, especially during wet or humid weather to avoid bacteria that might harm your feathered guests. In wet weather, it is recommended to fill bird feeders with only enough food that will be consumed in a couple days.

Materials. We are happy to say that this modern bird feeder is made from 100% recycled plastic. The rope is also 100% recycled. The hardware is stainless steel.

Design for a circular economy. We love the subtle flecks in the plastic that tell a story about its recycled beginnings. The raw material for the polypropylene comes from 100% upcycled post-consumer waste plastic containers and washing machine parts. The raw material for the recycled polyester rope comes from 100% upcycled post-consumer waste plastic bottles, and it is colored using a water-free dying process. The feeder is designed for easy assembly and disassembly. All the parts can be separated and recycled - starting the circle of reuse again. It wouldn’t make sense to deliver our 100% recycled plastic bird feeder in a single-use plastic package, so the box is designed entirely from folded cardboard. It requires no glue, so it’s easy to unfold. We’re counting on you to recycle it!


100% recycled plastic. The rope is also 100% recycled. The hardware is stainless steel.


9" Tall


Designed in Finland, made in China

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