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Aromatherapy Bath Bombs


As each bath bomb hits the water, it fizzes to release pure essential oils targeted to address specific needs and delight the senses. A soothing blend of milk, honey and butters mixes thoroughly with the warm water to caress and nurture your skin, transforming bath time into spa time, anytime.

  • Relax calms anxiety and stress with our beautiful Bulgarian Lavender
  • Soothe eases overworked muscles, perfect for a post-workout or post-gardening soak
  • Joyous Heart effortlessly lifts the spirit with its lilting, bright floral essence
  • Dreamtime diffuses our soporific blend of essential oils to guide you gently toward restorative sleep. Caution: avoid if pregnant or nursing
  • Milk and Honey delivers a silky bath with the intoxicating and calming scent of Moroccan orange blossom
  • Lemon Calendula energizes and soothes
  • For adult use only
  • Made in New York at Fox Farm Apiary by Lisa Marie Layman, Certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master