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Concrete Soap Dish with Drain


Your soap bar will stay dry on this well-designed utilitarian concrete soap dish. The size is great for larger lux bars of soap. The drain spout directs water away from the soap into the sink. No soggy bar soap. The concrete has a nice weight that won't easily knock around and is more durable than ceramic. Little rubber feet on the bottom protect the surface of your sink and countertop. Made in Catskill, NY.

  • concrete finished with a food-grade eco-friendly sealer
  • 4 7/8" x  3 1/2"
  • Made in Catskill, NY
  • *Concrete can darken a bit where moisture or soap lies.  By its very nature, concrete is a porous material, and while sealant is applied (twice), it can only fill larger pores and is not permanent.  The chemicals used to produce soap could also affect the color of the dish. We think that the way a material ages with use can be beautiful. 
  • Use soap and water to clean. No vinegar, bleach, acidic oils or chemicals.