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Sunrise Beeswax Smooth Taper Candles


Enjoy everyday candlelight for your home & workspace. The glow of candlelight has provided comfort and warmth for centuries. Especially as the seasons change, it's comforting to illuminate our homes and work spaces with the healing glow of candles. Set the tone for your most peaceful moments with these smooth taper candles, handcrafted with locally-sourced pure beeswax and cotton wicks. Colored with natural dye in three different shades of sunrise: gold, peach, and rose. No scent is added, just the natural sweet scent of beeswax.

Ideal to light and relight over many short periods of time (unlike candles in vessels or pillars that need to burn for hours at a time.)

  • Handcrafted in small batches in the Hudson Valley, New York
  • 10" tall, 7/8" wide at the base
  • Fits standard candlesticks
  • Each candle lasts for approximately 10 hours, or 30 hours per pack.